Hellenic Bank

Hellenic Bank Group commenced operations in 1976, whereby in a relatively short period of time, it managed to establish itself as one of the biggest banking and financial institutions in Cyprus.

The success of the Group, in the context of an intensely competitive market, is based on exemplary customer service, a wide range of products and services and implementation of the latest technology.

In March 1996, the Group acquired the onshore operations of Barclays Bank in Cyprus. The enlarged Hellenic Bank Group now employs over 1,700 employees. This expansion enabled the dissemination of a broader range of products and services across a wider branch network. Alongside the traditional banking operations, the Group also provides a wide range of financial services.

It's first subsidiary, Hellenic Bank (Finance) Ltd, offers short-term asset finance in the form of hire purchase and leasing facilities.

Hellenic Bank (Investments) Ltd provides investment services in the Cyprus Capital Market to institutional investors, corporations and private clients. The company provides Cyprus Stock Exchange [CSE] investment services, portfolio management services, company listings, underwriting and strategic development services, as well as international capital market investment services. HBI eTrade offers customers the option to trade on the CSE through the internet. Furthermore, the Research and Analysis Unit prepares daily and weekly stock market performance reviews and technical reports of public companies listed on the CSE.

Hellenic Bank (Investments) Ltd also manages the 'Athena' Cyprus Investment Fund Ltd, a public company listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

Hellenic Bank Trust and Finance Corporation Ltd, provides special services for custodianship and acts as trustee for a number of insurance companies.

The Hellenic Bank Group dynamically expanded its operations in the insurance sector, with the acquisition of the Pancyprian and Ledra Insurance Companies. With this strategic move, the Hellenic Bank Group now holds a defining share in the general insurance sector, enabling economies of scale and increased profitability of its insurance services.

Hellenic Bank and Alico AIG Life have commenced the provision of insurance banking services (Bancassurance) through Hellenic Bank's branch network in Cyprus, with the establishment of the Hellenic Alico Life Insurance Company Ltd. With a 72.5% and 27.5% share capital in the new company respectively, the agreement is considered innovative by Cyprus standards, and constitutes the first initiative for the provision of insurance banking products through a Banking Organisation.

Hellenic Bank (Factors) Ltd, which commenced operations in 1999, offers a full spectrum of debt collection and total sales management services. By participating in the International Factors Group, it additionally serves customers engaged in international trade.

The Hellenic Bank's commitment to quality of service is demonstrated with the Limassol International Business Centre's quality management system independently assessed and certified by CYS and ELOT (Member of IQNet) as conforming to ISO 9002 requirements - the only centre in Cyprus to have this certification.

Operating a quality management system which is ISO 9002 certified, has provided the Limassol International Business Centre with a number of benefits: provision for improved services, fulfilment of all customer requirements, customer satisfaction, an increase in market share, an increase in efficiency and effectiveness, a reduction in operating costs, and improved communication within the Centre and with its customers.

Hellenic Bank offers Hellenic Net Banking, a consistent and convenient way to perform banking transactions, anyplace, anytime and with the highest security available with today's technology.

Hellenic Bank offers a range of credit/debit cards catering for any needs, as well as Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). The ATM network continually expands and is now available at 62 locations all over Cyprus, 24 hours a day.

Hellenic Bank introduced for the first time in Cyprus, the innovative Platinum Mastercard card. This is aimed at high income customers and professionals and includes a broad spectrum of luxury and comfort services and benefits, in both Cyprus and abroad.

Hellenic Bank has created specialised Corporate Departments for large businesses in every city, which serve the special needs of the Bank's corporate clients.

Over 85 branches in Cyprus and an estimated 20 branches in Greece (by 2003), provide comprehensive banking services including insurance and investments.

Hellenic Bank, after firmly establishing its presence in Cyprus and Greece, now operates Representative Offices in South Africa, Russia and the United Kingdom.

The purpose of establishing Representative Offices abroad, is to offer Cypriots living abroad and foreign nationals a connection with operations in Cyprus and Greece, as well as to provide information on the products and services offered by the Bank. Additionally, they provide information regarding the Cyprus and the Greek banking systems, and offer advice on investment opportunities in both countries.

Representative Office operations also promote the creation of closer links between foreign countries and Cyprus due to their active involvement in economic and social activities in each country.

At the same time, the Group acknowledges and accepts the importance of a pleasant working environment and the availability of career opportunities for the workforce, as well as the need to maintain communication with shareholders and clients.

Finally, the Hellenic Bank Group wishes to remain a generally responsible institution, which respects the society in which it operates, and which continues to play a part in the social and cultural life of Cyprus.

The personal commitment and honest relationship between personnel and customers constitute the seal of quality service offered by the Group.

Company Information
Year of Establishment 1976